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If you are a member or voter of the following political parties or agree with their despicable political views, you are NOT WELCOME to use my software.
  • AfD (Germany)
  • Werteunion (Germany)
  • Die Heimat (Germany)
  • Die Basis (Germany)
  • Freie Wähler (Germany, Bavaria)
  • BündnisDeutschland (Germany)
  • FPÖ (Austria)
  • Prawo i Sprawiedliwosc (Poland)
  • ITN (Bulgaria)
  • Vazrazhdane (Bulgaria)
  • Republican Party (USA)
  • United Russia / Единая Россия (Russia)
  • Fidesz (Hungary)
  • Fratelli d'Italia (Italy)
  • Lega Nord (Italy)
  • Rassemblement National (France)
  • FVD (Netherlands)
  • PVV (Netherlands)
  • Vox (Spain)
  • AKP (Turkey)
  • Likud (Israel)
Spatial Is Not Special
Spatial data processing simply is a branch in computing between many others: and spatial data are too much strategic and pervasive to be confined to niche applications
This logo was kindly contributed by Massimo Zedda
libspatialite sources a library extending the basic SQLite core in order to get a full fledged Spatial DBMS, really simple and lightweight, but mostly OGC-SFS compliant
virtualpg sources a loadable dynamic extension module to both SQLite and SpatiaLite implementing VirtualPostgres (direct SQL cross access to PostgreSQL/PostGIS tables).
freexl sources a library to extract valid data from within an Excel (.xls) spreadsheet
readosm sources a library indifferenclty parsing both OSM-XML and OSM-protobuf datasets
spatialite-tools sources a collection of CLI tools supporting SpatiaLite.
librasterlite2 sources an advanced library supporting raster handling methods
spatialite-gui sources a GUI tool supporting SpatiaLite in the easiest way
dataseltzer sources a CGI component built on the top of Spatialite supporting OpenData dissemination
Obsolete / Discontinued software [no longer maintained]
libgaiagraphics sources a library supporting common-utility raster handling methods
librasterlite sources a library allowing to store huge raster coverages within a SpatiaLite DBMS
spatialite-gis sources a minimalistic GIS tool built on the top of SpatiaLite and RasterLite
LibreAtlas sources a Geography Education application built on top of SpatiaLite and RasterLite
librewms sources a WMS viewer built on the top of RasterLite2
MS Windows binaries current stable version x86 (32 bit) amd64 (64 bit)
previous stable version x86 (32 bit) amd64 (64 bit)
latest version supporting spatialite GUIx86 (32 bit) amd64 (64 bit)
Detailed build instructions MinGW (32 bit) how-to MinGW (64 bit) how-to MSVC how-to
Linux how-to
OSGeo4W packaging how-to

About Fossil SCMquick how-to for busy developers
The Gaia-SINS federated projects are developed and maintained by Alessandro Furieri